Monday, January 3, 2011

The follow-up appointment: 191 and a wake up

Over three months - 192 treatments, morning and night - since our first visit to Animal Eye Care and Casey's diagnosis by Dr Terri McCalla of an immune disorder called Chronic Superficial Keratitis, or pannus, today had finally arrived - the dreaded follow-up visit. After so many eye drop and ointment applications, we just had to hear that all the Border Collie wrestling matches paid off. 

By the time Dr. Terri could have  possibly completed the exam we were ready for anything - expecting years of additional eye dropper head locks, big brown eyes smeared with Tacrolimus day and night, and even canine psychoanalysis for Collie stress.

But when Terri gave us the results of her examination, we were ready to jump and high-five or hug anyone who came into the room! Casey's eyesight was 100 per cent - more than a 40 per cent improvement since October!

The treatment regimen was outlined in our September 29, 2010 post. But Casey recovered because he had two great veterinarians - Dr. Terri McCalla and Dan Hall - making the calls, and two "parents" that realize how lucky they are to have this comeback kid in their lives, and hung in there.

While we were checking out we noticed the picture of Joe the Lab on a donation jar at the counter and had to know about his story. It turns out Joe came to Animal Eye Care to remove cataracts, which Dr. Terri surgically removed.

It should be the end of the story, right. Not so fast.

It turns out that Joe was also suffering from a genetic condition that resulted in his retinas detaching, unless he received surgery. The owner's decision - euthanasia. Dr. Terri countered with adoption and surgical repair in Seattle, picking up the tab, with one of a handful of ophthalmologists in the US, a colleague, that performs this surgery. And with the help of the Alternative Humane Society of Whatcom County, Joe was placed in a house full of kids more than willing to deal with his ball obsession. He'll need additional treatment of course, so anything helps to defray costs. Two great causes - Joe's treatment at Animal Eye Care and the Alternative Humane Society

Lucky guy. If he had opposable thumbs I'd have him buy us Lotto tickets.