Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't tell anyone...but

Does this guy look happy, or what?
Casey might have really good reason to be smiling, but we already knew that.

Hot off the presses: Bellingham, one of Casey's worlds, is listed among the top 10 'happiest cities' in the West according to Sunset Magazine in its February issue.

"So depending on what makes you smile, here are the ten best places to live (and find happiness) in the wondrous amusement park of the American West," the article says in an introductory passage. Nearby Salt Spring Island, B.C. is listed based on its excellent conditions for vegetable growing.

Each town makes the list for a different reason. Bellingham is characterized as "a seaside haven 90 miles north of Seattle" with 65 miles of multi-use trails within city limits, plus nearby access to mountains and sea.

Other communities on the list include:

• Eureka, Calif., for its hospitability to artists.
• Salt Lake City, for its friendliness to entrepreneurs.
• Portland, Ore., for its bike- and pedestrian-friendly design that, along with excellent mass transit, enables a car-free lifestyle.
• Taos, N.M., a good place to invest in a vacation home.
• San Diego, for innovative businesses.
• Sonoma County, Calif., for fine dining.
• Scottsdale, Ariz. for its low crime rate.
• Crestone, Colo. for its widespread use of solar power.

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  1. What"s not to love!! How did you get him to smile?????