Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weigh-in with a clip job

It was time for a 2-fer today at the Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital - a nail clipping for Stella and a weigh-in for Casey. Not near as ominous as it sounds, except maybe in the minds of two rescued works in progress who still aren't quite sure about the clinic.

Just ecstatic about being here. Can't you tell?

The techs always do a great job with Stella's pedicure, so much better than the shaky "parents" that a trip to the clinic for this trauma-free grooming is well-worth the $15 every six weeks.

And Casey's herding weight has never varied from today's weigh-in of 53.2 lbs. So he's doing great - or we are. 

We're really trying to watch the fat content in his diet - an organic diet doesn't guarantee the right balance of fat versus everthing else. It can easily get away from you during the winter months.

Casey never hestitates to show us the door when the bill's paid - with or without Stella. He's not into hanging around for small talk with the staff.   

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