Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Capitol Hill diversion

The Jimi Hendrix commemorative statue on Broadway is one of the most photographed wayposts in Seattle's Capitol Hill District. But today it just marked the left turn on Pine towards where we spent most of the afternoon with friends - Oddfellows Cafe and Cal Anderson Park.

Casey and Gene

With temperatures "warming up" into the high 30s, most of our paid parking time was spent inside catching up with friends visiting from Nevada. Later, Casey got to unwind in Cal Anderson Park.

Nothing at all like last year's spring visit with temps pushing 80 degrees, but the park fountain complex, half of it frozen over, is always a draw for the kid.

 Next time through though, we'll be hanging around and soaking up the sun and sights.

May 2010

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  1. Oh, your lovely border collie reminds me of ours, Brain. We lost him to lymphoma in 2006... and miss him still. He was, probably, a mix, but a lovable, intelligent and funny soul.